Conflict Management Module (7 ½ hours)

  • Session 1: Avoiding Conflict and Reducing Personal Risk
  • Session 2: Defusing Conflict
  • Session 3: Resolving and Learning from Conflict
  • Session 4: Application of Communication Skills and Conflict Management

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Some information on Conflict Management:    Source:

Workplace impact

Supervisors spend more than 25% of their time on conflict management, and managers spend more than 18% of their time on relational employee conflicts. This has doubled since the 1980s. Reasons for this are “the growing complexity of organizations, use of teams and group decision making, and globalization.” (Lang, 2009, p. 240)

Conflict management is something that companies and managers need to deal with. Conflict significantly affects employee morale, turnover, and litigation, which affects the prosperity of a company, either constructively or destructively. (Lang, 2009, p. 240) Turnover can cost a company 200% of the employee’s annual salary. (Maccabeus & Shudder, p. 48)








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