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EZ Training customer reviews:

“One of the best courses I have attended.  The Instructor was clear and precise with all aspects of the course and has a great way of teaching.  His knowledge is vast on all subjects within the course.  It was very good and I would recommend it to everyone”.
S. Smith


“I could not express enough how highly I would recommend, not just the course, but also the tutor as a great source of training – for anyone who is considering getting into the security industry.  100% for every aspect”
R. Houston


“Everything in the course was presented clearly and concisely, with great examples used throughout”.
J. Morrison


“Could not have been better.  Excellent course tutor and exceptional communicator and materials”
M. Storey


“I researched several companies, EZ Training was the most efficient & reliable in communication and presentation.  The trainer is approachable & friendly and cares about the candidates”.
L. Cobain


“Excellent course, well delivered, great facilities and extremely worthwhile. Thank you!”.
F. Macleod


“Had a really good week and have gained a lot of knowledge and skills to be able to use in my future career”.
S. Glenn


“The course was well delivered and broken down by a very competent tutor.  Would recommend to anyone considering working in the security industry”.


“A very well and presented ran course.  I highly recommend anyone going into this line of work to use EZ Training.  10/10”.
L. Bramwell


“Fantastic. If you fail this course you weren’t actively listening. Well presented, easy to understand and covered a lot”.
R. Elder


“An excellent week’s training in a relaxed environment, well presented and delivered, with good discussion sessions”.
P. Smith


“The trainer was very good at delivering the class and was very helpful.  I would fully recommend to anyone”>
L. Averill


An excellent trainer who leaves no area uncovered.  Made sure that the course went at a rate suitable to the various characters and abilities within the classroom.  The course was relevant, interesting and well presented.  I would highly recommend EZ Training to anyone, either fresh or experienced in the private security industry”.
M. Hill


“A very well delivered, informative and enjoyable course.  Overall excellent“.
G. Wharry


An excellent and well provided course, presented by a tutor of a high standard and professionalism“.
D. Ryan


“Outstanding teacher with a very collaborative environment which is perfect for the course. Detailed, thorough and effective, the EZ course and teacher really reflect the 98% pass rate. I would highly recommend this course for anyone who is looking for their SIA license. And there’s free coffee!


“Very friendly and professional instructor.  Would not hesitate in taking another course with EZ Training.  100%”
R. Worrall


“I found this course (Door Supervision) very constructive.  The course tutor was very thorough in what he was teaching.  Overall excellent”.
C. Patton


“The trainer explained everything easily and made things a lot better to understand”
H. Glenholmes


“My trainer was a very likeable guy.  Immediately made me feel relaxed and at ease.  His style of training was very well put across.  Instead of just reading continuously from presentations, he acted out situations and scenarios which made the information easy to absorb.  Full marks!”
J. McIlveen


“Excellent course that I have thoroughly enjoyed.  The trainer has taken the time to explain all aspects in detail”.
J. Scott


“The trainer has been a patient and informative tutor with a vast knowledge of the industry and superb source materials.  Each lesson was delivered in a way that everyone could understand and was broken up into manageable sections.  Would highly recommend”.
G. Boyd


“Great course.  Well taught.  Enjoyed my week”.
G. Crawford


“Overall well informed and took time to explain things”.
J. McWilliams


“Very informative, relaxed and enjoyable course.  Covered all areas of CCTV operating systems & law very well.  Would highly recommend EZ Training to others”.
P. Quate


“A very well run course in comfortable surroundings”.
C.I. Mitchell


“Well delivered in a very relaxed and professional manner.  Thank you!
M. Kernaghan


“This course (CCTV) has all the necessary learning ideas I needed to work in security.  Looking forward to an advance course”.
M. S. Koker Koker


“This course seems to be a lot more effective than courses other Operators at my work have been on”.
C. McNaghten


“Enjoyed the class and the experiences and knowledge I have gained from my teacher.  I would recommend to anybody”.
L. Thornbury


“The tutor was excellent.  Made the course appropriate but also his presentation was wonderful”.
P. Cameron


“An excellent week, enjoyed all of the course and Thank you!”
S. Brown


“Best trainer so far”
G. Olaleye


“Fun, very informative, great learning environment, will highly recommend”
A. Roseman


“I felt the course was well delivered in an easy to understand way”.
N. Bennett


“The trainer was fantastic.  Explained everything in great detail and made the course enjoyable as well as very informative.  Thank you very much!”
M. Quigley


“Course was very enjoyable, full of useful information, presented excellent.  Tutor was brilliant and very professional”
S. Boyd


“I enjoyed the course very much.  Well delivered”
R. J. Finlay


“Very informative.  Course was presented and delivered professionally”.
D. Cunningham


 “Excellent course, very informative and cheaper than most.  Everything delivered well.  Great atmosphere also.  Would recommend to anyone looking to get into the industry”.

R. Campbell


“Great course, great tutor.  Very happy with everything”.
N. Kane


“Very helpful and informative course and trainer.  Will make me feel more confident when I step into the security industry”.
K. Millar


“Far exceeded expectations”.
M. McWilliams


“Excellent training, delivered in a concise and coherent manner”.
J. Brown


“Great course, well delivered and explained”.
J. McCormac


“The course was excellent and everything was very well explained.  I hope to gain my licence and begin a career in the industry”
G. Walker


“The tutor was very professional, explained everything very clearly.  Very good course”.
E. Feenan


“The tutor explained everything well and clearly.  I enjoyed doing this course”.
S. Lismore


“Overall the course was fantastic”.
R. Donnelly


“Very good teacher.  Explained every little detail.  Made course enjoyable”
R. Morgan


“I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to do security”.
L. Herd


“My tutor done an excellent job in training me to be an effective and professional Door Supervisor”
S. Moore


“Very impressed with overall content and presentation.  I feel I now have a better understanding of modern door supervision.  Many Thanks”.
M. Kernaghan


“This is absolutely informative for the security industry”
B. Nich


“Had a very enjoyable week on my Door Supervisor course.  An excellent instructor and very knowledgeable about the subjects.  I now feel very confident that I can carry out the duties of a DS to a very high standard.  Keep up the good work”
M. Kane


“A really good educational course mentally and physically.  Taught me a lot and was taught and explained exceptionally.  Great teacher.  Thank you”.
K. Davenport


“Very good course.  Very warm and enjoyable learning throughout.  Course was well planned and executed”
M. Morris


“Brilliant course, brilliant teacher.  Couldn’t have asked for more in my training”.
G. Brown


“An excellent course.  Very good stuff and delivery was very useful”
B. Clarke


“The course was delivered in a clear and professional way.  The Trainer had excellent knowledge of all subjects and had a friendly helpful attitude”
R. McKee


“Excellent Tutor.  Explained everything clearly and was very approachable and informative”
P. McNicholl


“Highly recommended course.  The Physical Intervention was fun.  Excellent course”
D. White


“The course was very well put together.  The tutor/instructor was patient and didn’t rush anything.  He explained everything and answered any questions we had.  A very clear and great course”.
H. Clyde


 “The teacher was excellent.  Explained everything very clearly, answering all questions when asked.  Didn’t go through the course at top speed but at a level that suited everyone”
K. Whymark


“Overall the course was superb.  Great tutor and the content was delivered in a range of ways, verbal and on-screen, as well as physical revision tasks.  Catered to everyone’s needs and was open to discussion when questions were posed – perfect for ensuring everyone understood everything“.
J. Thompson


“Course taught in a clear and easily understood fashion”.
M. Robinson


“Very friendly and enjoyable course”.
G. Kerr


“Really enjoyed the course and was delivered first class”.
W. Morris


“Great course all round.  Physical Intervention was excellent”.
J. Bennett


“Excellent training and will be back for new training, such as cctv”.
T. Vaitiekus


“Couldn’t be happier with the course and delivery.  The instructor was very patient and more than happy to help.  Made sure everyone understood, good support material too”.
H. McCluskey


“Professional and very effective.  First class job”.
T. Young


“Excellent class, brilliant tutor.  Came away feeling confident”.
B. McMullan


“Fabulous tutor.  Made me feel welcome everyday”.
E. McMullan


“It’s been wonderful completing this course and I totally appreciate the ingenuity of the course tutor, his ability and excellent way he coordinated the entire course”.
C. Eneh


“Great course and well delivered”.
P. Withers


“Excellent course, well presented and very informative”.
G. Lyttle


“Great course, enjoyed every minute of it and it will certainly help me”.
C. Havelin


“Good course, good instructor and knew his subject”.
P. Rodgers


“The class was excellent.  Taught very well, subjects all broken down and I will recommend to others”.
G. Gibb


“Excellent training environment.  Tea and coffee refreshments was brilliant.  Worth recommendation to friends/family”.
J. Omikunle


“Extremely well ran course.  Information was properly explained and easily digested.  I will recommend this course”.
G. Dalzell


“Overall I’m glad I took this course as it showed me things I didn’t know and techniques that are very useful and helpful”.
J. Clugston


“I thought your delivery was excellent.  Thought the level of detail and time given to the subjects was very good.  Overall, great preparation for the tests”.
G. Breslin


“Course was very informative and learnt a lot of interesting facts”.
J. Roulston


“I learned a lot and found it easy with no confusion, as the instructor was able to explain everything with lots of examples and experiences”.
K. Quinn


“It was a pleasure to attend.  The instructor went out of his way to explain the topics.  Very nice and friendly environment.  Top marks”.
A. S. Acosta


“Have learned so much during the course and have come away with a lot of knowledge that I couldn’t imagine”.
L. Mitchell


“I really found the course excellent.  The class tutor was very good and provided so clear and understanding information with our group”.
C. Taylor


“I learned a lot of valuable information that will be relevant to my future career.  The instructor was always clear in his teaching methods and was able to bring experiences to aid our learning”.
B. Urquhart


“Very beneficial.  Excellent tutor and great experience”.
N. McAllister


“Course was fantastic, learnt a lot from the course.  The instructor was fantastic and explained everything clearly and was helpful”.
L. Overy


Enjoyed the course and gained vital skills for working in the industry”.
J. Logan


“Excellent course.  The instructor was very good and went out of his way to help the students.  Many Thanks”!
M. Cleary


Course was delivered well and I’m happy with what I have learnt while being trained by EZ Training”.
A. Davidson


“Good course.  Able to ask questions.  Course in-depth, calm and easy atmosphere”.
J. Mayer


“Instructor was excellent and I would recommend EZ Training to anyone wanting to take a step into the security industry”.
K. Jackson


I found the course very helpful and useful and great for an entry into other courses and directions”.
J. Orr


“Very informative course and very well presented.  Should I pass the multiple-choice exams I would be fully prepared to work as a Door Supervisor”.
S. Fitzpatrick


Excellent course.  Well explained.  Great tutor”.
C. Shivers


“The course was very informative and I felt all basis and modules were covered extremely well.  The course was delivered professionally and to a very high standard”.
D. Trenner


“Great instructor and excellent course.  Would recommend to anyone who requires training”.
M Freeman


Very clear and understanding.  Personally found my exams were not so clear”.
G. Hughes


“The help I received was excellent and the training was outstanding.  I will be back to do another course in time”.
D. McCorriston


Excellent lecturer, made everyone feel very welcome and is very patient.  Overall awesome”!


“Overall the course was very educational, new knowledge and skills were obtained.  The instructor was brief and clear.  Very good instructor which I could highly recommend to anyone looking to train in the security industry”.
J. Hamilton


It has been a worthwhile course.  Thanks for your help”!
F. Kai


Excellent communication skills.  The tutor made this a highly enjoyable experience.  I was very nervous at the beginning but the tutor soon easily put me at ease.  Highly recommended”!
C. Donnelly


The training has been to the point, clear and well explained.  Very effective and can be put into practical use”.
A. Mbondiya


“Friendly, approachable and knowledgeable tutor.  Enjoyed the Physical Intervention techniques (practical)”.
R. Adams


“Course was well delivered and it was good to receive the Vulnerable People and Sexual Exploitation information for Door Supervisors”.
C. Murray

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