Licence Renewals and Training

If you have tried to renew your Door Supervisor licence and the SIA informed you that you are required to complete the two day UPSKILLING course, then this is the course for you.

The reason you are required to do this course is due to the fact that some information was added to the training, to include Counter-Terrorism, Dealing with vulnerable people etc. as well as the Physical Intervention theory and practical training.

You do not need to take this extra training if:

  • Your Door Supervisor qualification was awarded after January 2015

The award involves almost two days of training in Safety Awareness and Physical Intervention (Theory & Practical).

Home Study (x2 parts):

1.  Completion of a Physical Intervention short question paper (with answers/information taken from the workbook provided;

2.  Completion of a Safety Awareness work-sheet (with answers/information taken from the workbook provided;

Upskilling Course (2 modules):

Physical Intervention Skills Module:

  • Session 1: Introduction to Physical Skills
  • Session 2: Disengagement Techniques
  • Session 3: Escorting Techniques

Safety Awareness for Door Supervisors:

  • Understand counter-terrorism issues relevant to a Door Supervisor
  • Understand the role of a Door Supervisor when first-aid situations occur in licensed premises
  • Understand legislation and requirements regarding vulnerable people, to include children and young people – relevant to a Door Supervisor
  • Understand queue management and venue capacity responsibilities

The Safety Awareness unit is effectively a distance learning unit which will take the form of a student workbook. The candidate is required to complete the student workbook  as HOMEWORK – prior to attending the two day Physical Intervention course. The candidate is also required to take the 15 questions multiple-choice exam for the Safety Awareness unit, therefore please ensure you thoroughly study your Safety Awareness handbook prior to the course.

The Door Supervisor Upskilling course is assessed through a written assessment by the tutor, and practical (low-level Physical Intervention) techniques, as well as the Safety Awareness multiple-choice exam. 


Please provide a copy of your Door Supervision (or Close Protection) course certificate when you attend the Upskilling / Physical Intervention course.  


How is the qualification assessed?


UNIT 1:  Physical Intervention Skills within the Private Security Industry:

Assessed in two parts:

Part one is an externally set and internally assessed scenario, x23 True or False questions;

Part two is an externally set and internally assessed practical assessment.   

UNIT 2:  Safety Awareness

Home study with the completion of a student work-sheet, as well as a 15 question multiple-choice exam.  (You are allowed up to 4 questions wrong in this 15 question exam).