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Upcoming SIA courses in Belfast

5 day Door Supervision courses:  Only £195

  • 5 day Door Supervision course dates:

  • Option 1  Saturday 27th, Sunday 28th, Monday 29th, Tuesday 30th and Wednesday 31st July 2019.
  • Option 2 Monday 19th, Tuesday 20th, Wednesday 21st, Thursday 22nd and Friday 23rd August 2019.
  • Option 3 Monday 2nd, Tuesday 3rd, Wednesday 4th, Thursday 5th and Friday 6th September 2019.
  • Option 4 Monday 23rd, Tuesday 24th, Wednesday 25th, Thursday 26th and Friday 27th September 2019.
  • Later dates to follow. Watch this space!

We provide FREE tea/coffee, FREE onsite parking and FREE Wi-Fi.  

Places for dates above are still available.  Book now!!



  • CCTV (Public Space Surveillance) course = 4 days*:  Only £175

  • 4 day CCTV course dates:

  • Option 1 =  Monday 22nd, Tuesday 23rd, Wednesday 24th, and Thursday 25th July 2019.
  • Option 2 = Monday 26th, Tuesday 27th, Wednesday 28th, and Thursday 29th August 2019.
  • Option 3 = Monday 16th, Tuesday 17th, Wednesday 18th, and Thursday 19th September 2019.
  • Later dates to follow soon.  Watch this space! 
  • *Note: If you already hold a valid SIA licence, and can provide your existing Security Guarding or Door Supervision course certificate/s , then you will be exempt from Unit 1 (& Day 1) of this CCTV course  (= “Working in the Private Security Industry”).   This is providing you completed an SIA course anytime AFTER January 2015.  If so, then you will only be required to complete the last 3 days of the 4 day CCTV course.



  • Security Officer course = 3 days:  Only £175

  • No dates arranged at this time.  Please get in touch, or see our FAQ section regarding the Door Supervisor licence allowing you to also work in Security Guarding roles.



  • UPSKILLING course (Safety Awareness & Physical Intervention) for existing Door Supervisors = 2 days:  Only £95

  • Option 1 = Wednesday 27th and Thursday 28th September 2017

  • Later courses for 2018 to follow.







To book any of the courses shown above, please contact EZ Training.  Once a date is confirmed, full payment (or £50 Deposit) must then be made on the left of the Home screen – in order to guarantee your placement for your selected course, or by calling to our Training Suite to pay by cash or card. Please phone before calling to the Training Suite.  Details shown below


EZ Training,
Unit B23,
Valley Business Centre,
67 Church Road,
BT36 7LS. 


Telephone: 0745 4433773






Q. Does my Training cost include getting the SIA licence?
 No.  When you successfully complete your training course with EZ Training, you can then apply for an SIA licence, using the relevant SIA application form. See THIS LINK regarding SIA applications through the Post Office from January 2014.

Q. What is the difference between the Door Supervisor (DS) licence and the Security Guarding (SG) licence?
 Besides the DS course being x5 days, and the SG course being x3 days, the DS licence covers ALL the roles of a Security Guard as well as working in licensed premises (to include licensed shops, night-clubs, late-night entertainment, events, concerts etc), but the SG licence only covers you for non-licensed premises, such as shops, factories, office buildings.  Therefore the DS licence is just like having two licenses rolled into one (DS & SG), opening up more opportunities of getting work within the Security Industry.

Q. Do I need to bring ID’s or anything with me to the course?

A. Yes, please ensure you check the section `What do I need to bring` for full details, as it is extremely important to bring the correct documentation with you, as failure to do so will result in you being unable to complete the course and exams, as well as possibly lose your course fee.
Note: If you are attending for the Door Supervision `UPSKILLING` course or Physical Intervention, you will also need to bring your original certificate, i.e. the A4 size certificate you should have received after your initial course – as we will need to take a photocopy of this (for the Awarding Body).

Q. How much does an SIA licence cost?
 The current cost for a licence is £220, which lasts 3 years. The SIA review the cost each year, although it is rare that the fee changes.

Q. My English language (written and oral) is quite poor, can I still complete the course?
 Each course and all exams are in English language only. Therefore all candidates must have at least a basic level of English language and each full 3 or 4 day course begins with a basic Literacy Assessment Paper (Basic Level 1).  If a candidate arrives for the first morning of the course and has no basic English language skills, then they will lose their fee, as this will have affected a place on the course for another paying candidate.

Q. What if I (or a group booked by an organisation) suddenly can’t attend the course which has been paid for?
A. If you notify EZ Training early enough, i.e. 5 working days notice, we will book you on to a later available course. If however, you fail to notify us in advance or just don’t turn up on the morning of the course, then you will lose your course fee, as besides registration for the course, order of your exams and course pack, this will have also affected a place on the course for another paying candidate.  For a company group which does not arrive for the course, the same applies as detailed above, which has also affected the day/s booked and registered for the course being wasted, when another course for other paying applicants could have been arranged and filled for the same dates.

Q. Do you have further information or a guide on SIA licensing?
 Please see the SIA `GET LICENSED` booklet – which has plenty of information, including all information on criminality checks etc.

Q. Can I pay for my course when I arrive at EZ Training?
A. Yes.  If you are not paying the full amount of your course now, via `Buy Now` or by calling into our training suite, we will require a deposit of £50 which guarantees your place and enables your course pack to be compiled (course workbooks and documents) which you will receive at the beginning of your course.
We do accept cash or card payment. There is however a 2% charge-rate for a card transaction (as charged by the Card Payment Merchant – as a Transaction Fee).

Q. I already have an SIA licence in Security Guarding (and/or Door Supervision), but now require a CCTV (PSS) licence. If I complete a CCTV (PSS) Training Course, do I have to pay another £220 for the CCTV licence?
 No, just providing that your first SIA licence still has at least 4 months remaining before it expires, your second licence (i.e. CCTV) will cost half the price = £110.

Q. How long does my SIA licence last for?
 The licence last for 3 years (unless revoked by the SIA.  Click this link for information).  Renewals cost the same as a new SIA application =  £220.

Q. Where do I send my completed SIA application form, with my original ID’s and payment fee?
 Your documents & fee to be posted to:  SIA Document Handling Centre, PO Box 1290, Liverpool, L69 1AS.
Note: Please consider posting your form and original ID’s (not photocopies) to the SIA via Recorded Delivery

Q. How do I contact the SIA to request an application form, or for a query I have?
A. To request an application pack, contact the SIA on: 0844 892 1025  (select option 4).  Please consider using their FAQ section which may possibly answer any queries you may have

Q. What is the minimum age to apply for an SIA licence?
A. To get the actual SIA licence, the minimum age is 18

Q. I have a disability which restricts my mobility, such as using stairs. Can I access your training venue OK?
 Yes, EZ Training is on ground floor level with no stairs at all. Accessible toilets are also onsite & nearby if required.

Q. My English language (written and oral) is quite poor, can I still complete the course?
 Each course and all exams are in English language only. Therefore all candidates must have at least a basic level of English language (written and oral).

Q. What if I fail any part/s of my Multiple Choice Exams?
 EZ Training provides a FREE exam resit for the unit(s) you failed.  However, if in the doubtful event you were to fail a 2nd time and are required to do another resit, then there is a fee of £50 to cover all exam and administration charges.

Q. I understand the Door Supervisor course and Upskilling course involves physical activity and Physical Intervention techniques, but I’m not too sure if I am healthy or fit enough to do such activities. Do I have to do this part?

A. The physical activity and `break away` techniques involved are an essential part of the course. Although basic and low-level, they carry risks. Such risks may possibly include heat & exhaustion, minor friction burns and/or bruising to arms or
wrists. A pre-course Medical Questionnaire will be provided by EZ Training – for completion prior to the start of the course. 
If you have any concerns in relation to your health and fitness, or previous medical history / injuries, please consult with your doctor prior to booking or attending the course.

Q. Can I work in the Security Industry without an SIA licence?
A. Unless you are a Security Guard working `in-house`, i.e. a direct employee of the site you are based, then No.  You will need an SIA licence.
Door Supervisor’s working `in-house`, i.e. directly employed by the licensed premises, must have an SIA licence (Door Supervision).

Q. Can I go ahead and work in Security while waiting on the delivery of my SIA licence?
A. Possibly. This really depends on the company you have gained employment with having `Approved Contractor Status` (with the SIA), as well as confirmation that the SIA has received your completed application (+ ID’s and fee) AND that you are at the `Checks in Progress` stage of your application. Only then can the company consider issuing you with an LDN (Licence Dispensation Notice), which you keep with you whilst on duty, and until your new SIA licence arrives with you.

Q. Can I check on the progress of my SIA application?
 Yes.  You can go the the SIA `Status Checker`

Q. Who actually are the SIA?
A. The SIA (Security Industry Authority) are the organisation responsible for regulating the Private Security Industry. They are an independant body reporting to the Home Office and they decide who can and who cannot work in the industry.

Q. I currently have an SIA Security Guarding licence, but how do I get an SIA Door Supervisor Licence, or a CCTV (PSS) licence?
A. You will need to attend 3 days out of the four day training course. If you already have an SIA licence then you will be exempt from the first day of a Door Supervisor or CCTV course.  Please check the Door Supervision (or CCTV) tab above to see what the course consists of.

Q. I currently have an SIA licence for Security Guarding. Does this allow me to work as a CCTV (Public Space Surveillance) Operator.
 Not for Public Space Surveillance. It only allows the use of CCTV solely for the purpose of identifying a trespasser or to protect property. See Licensable Activities on the SIA website for more information.

Q. I currently have an SIA licence for Door Supervision. Does this allow me to work as a CCTV (PSS) Operator?
 No, you will need to complete the CCTV (PSS) training course and obtain an SIA CCTV (PSS) licence.

Q. If I get an SIA licence, will EZ Training help me get a job in the Security Industry?
A. Although EZ Training can’t get you a job, as this is up to you as the individual to provide a suitable CV to the company advertising a vacancy, as well as deliver a good interview, we will certainly advise on what Security Service providers in Northern Ireland you can apply to once you receive your SIA licence.
Having your SIA licence will certainly give you a far better chance of obtaining employment in the Security Industry, as most providers advertise their vacancies stating that an SIA licence is essential.

Q. How long does it normally take for the SIA licence to arrive?
A. Providing there are no problems with your application form, including a passport photo and original identification provided, it takes around 3 or 4 weeks to arrive (possibly sooner). It is important that you thoroughly check each section of your application, including the quality of your passport photo (attached to your form) and that any Proof of Address documents have not expired, such as a utility bill older than 3 months old.

Q. When will I receive the results of my course exams?
 EZ Training will issue candidate examination results within 2 days of receipt from the Awarding Body, whom normally issue results within 7 days ..

Q. I have misplaced my certificate, what do I do?
A. Records of results will be kept safely secured by the Centre in the personal files of the candidates. Copies of course certificates will also be kept in candidates files. If an original certificate is lost (providing your course was completed with EZ Training), then please get in touch for the arrangement of an original replacement.

Q. I may have a criminal record due to being in trouble with the police in the past, can I still apply for a licence?
A. Please click here for information relating to Criminality Checks.  If you have Conflict-Related Convictions, please click this link for further information.
Notes: If you fill in the required fields the indicator will give you an indication of whether you would be granted a licence.
The SIA will not give you a definite decision until they have received your application and non-refundable payment of £220.00.

Q. How long are the courses?
A. Security Guarding is 3 days.  Door Supervision is 5 days.  CCTV (PSS) is 4 days.  Upskilling (for Door Supervisors) is 1 day with home study work involved. Please click on the relevant tabs above to see full details of each course.

Q. I have just recently moved to the UK from another country.  Can I get an SIA licence?
A. If you have been based overseas for 6 continuous months or more during the last 5 years, you must produce evidence (to the SIA) of a criminal record check covering that period from an official source from the country you lived in, which the SIA can verify.  An official source will normally mean the government body that issues criminal record certificates.  See page 42 of the SIA’s GET LICENSED booklet for more details.



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