Physical Intervention and Upskilling:

Image shows several SIA licences spread out in a fan

SIA Licence Renewals and Training

You don’t need to re-take your training if you currently hold a licence and you are looking to renew it. However, if you gained your qualification before the current ones were introduced (June 2010) then you won’t have undertaken some of the training, such as Physical Intervention or Safety Awareness, that people with the newer qualifications will have received.

You will need to take this extra training if:

  • The SIA have advised you that you need to complete the new Physical Intervention training, which now includes updated techniques (and updated True or False x23 questions paper) –  introduced from the 1st January 2015;
  • Or your qualification was awarded before June 2010, or;
  • your qualification was awarded between June and September 2010 and your training course did not include the physical intervention skills module.

You do not need to take this extra training if:

  • your training was completed anytime from the 1st January 2015 – which would have included the new physical intervention techniques and updated True or False question paper;
  • your qualification was awarded after September 2010, or;
  • your qualification certificate says “[Awarding body name] Level 2 Award in Door Supervision (QCF)”.

If you require the extra training then you will need to pass the ‘Up-Skilling for Door Supervisors’ award before you can renew your licence. The award involves one day of training in physical intervention as well as self-study on topics such as first aid, awareness of terrorist threats and considerations in dealing with children and young people. It is available from training providers offering the licence-linked door supervision qualification.

The physical intervention training included in this award has been available as a stand-alone unit since June 2010. If you have previously completed this training then you will not need to repeat it; you can submit your existing certificate to the training provider and ask for it to be recognised as prior learning. However, you will still need to complete a self-study workbook and pass an assessment in order to gain the qualification.



Physical Intervention Skills Module:

  • Session 1: Introduction to Physical Skills
  • Session 2: Disengagement Techniques
  • Session 3: Escorting Techniques


How is the qualification assessed?

Upskilling (+ Physical Intervention Skills) within the Private Security Industry:

Assessed in two parts:

Part one is an externally set and assessed True or False question paper (23 questions), and a 15 question multiple-choice paper (with 4 allowed to be wrong);

Part two is an assessed practical assessment.